Program at glance

The scientific event will feature only international invited speakers and companies working in the Range-Imaging domain. The technical program consists of the following invited talks:

- TOF Range-Imaging sensors, characteristics and performances
Dario Piatti - Dept. DITAG, Politecnico of Torino, Italy

- Integrated calibration of range cameras and their application for deflection measurement
Derek Lichti - Department of Geomatics Engineering, The University of Calgary, Canada

- SR-4000 and CamCube3.0 ToF cameras: tests and comparison
Fulvio Rinaudo – Dept. DITAG, Politecnico of Torino, Italy

- ToF cameras for architectural survey
Filiberto Chiabrando – Dept. DITAG, Politecnico of Torino, Italy

- Indoor Navigation using Range Imaging
Tobias Kohoutek - Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

- Range Imaging - from calibration to modelling
Wilfried Karel and Norbert Pfeifer - Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, TU Vienna, Austria

- Photogrammetric Calibration and Accuracy Test for a Range Camera
Jan Boehm - Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, UCL London, UK

- A Probabilistic Approach to TOF and Stereo Data Fusion
Carlo Dal Mutto, Pietro Zanuttigh, Guido M. Cortelazzo - Dept. of Information Eng., University of Padova, Italy

- Time-of-Flight cameras in robotics - state of the art and selected applications
David Droeschel - Autonomous Intelligent System Group, University of Bonn, Germany

- Beyond range: innovating fluorescence microscopy
Alessandro Esposito - Medical Research Council, Cambridge, UK

- A 128x96 pixel 3D camera SOC with internal depth map generation capability
Richard Walker and Robert K. Henderson, Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, U.K.

- Range Imaging in Ambient Assisted Living Applications
Alessandro Leone - CNR, Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems, Lecce, Italy

- Electronics-based pixels for 3D range imaging
Matteo Perenzoni and David Stoppa - FBK, Trento, Italy

- 3D Vision based on CMOS SPAD Imagers
Edoardo Charbon and Shingo Mandai - TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands

- Design and characterization of demodulating pixels in 0.18um CMOS technology
Lucio Pancheri and David Stoppa - FBK, Trento, Italy

- MESA Imaging: Product strategy and commercial applications for TOF cameras
Gerald Dahlmann - MESA Imaging AG, Zurich, Switzerland

- Optrima Technology Overview about DepthSense(TM) and OptriCam(TM)
Daniel Van Nieuwenhove - Optrima NV, Brussels, Belgium

- Are 40k pixels enough for everyone? Challenges and opportunities for PMD depth sensing technology in the consumer market
Jochen Penne - PMD Technologies, Germany

- Technology Demo: Demonstration by MESA Imaging, Optrima NV and PMD Technologies

Download the RISA 2011 complete program (PDF)